TIFF 2016

The Dork Shelf Guide to TIFF 2016

It’s that time of year again! The 2016 Toronto International Film Festival – the 41st annual edition of the vaunted fest – kicks off on Thursday, September 8th and runs through Sunday, September 18th.

Beyond all the glitz and glam that dominates the news, TIFF is, as always, still about are the movies. Bringing together more than half a million movie lovers and 397 films from around the world, TIFF 2016 has a lot to offer.

As usual, Dork Shelf will be reviewing as many TIFF 2016 films as we can, as well as bringing you TIFF-related interviews, features, and more. This page – The Dork Shelf Guide to TIFF 2016 – will be your one-stop shop for all of that coverage and will be updated frequently throughout the duration of the festival!

Posts designated as *NEW* have been added within the past 24 hours.





150 Milligrams – Special Presentations (Michael McNeely)

Age of Shadows – Special Presentations (Phil Brown)

American Honey – Special Presentations (Noah R. Taylor)

American Pastoral – Special Presentations (Noah R. Taylor)


Anatomy of Violence – Masters (Michael McNeely)

Ape Sodom – Short Cuts (Doug Tilley)

Apprentice – Contemporary World Cinema (Michael McNeely)

Aquarius – Contemporary World Cinema (Jason Gorber)


Arrival – Gala Presentations (Jason Gorber)

The Bad Batch – Vanguard (Will Perkins)

Before The Flood – TIFF Docs (Noah R. Taylor)

Below Her Mouth – Special Presentations (Casey Reid)


Blair Witch – Midnight Madness (Phil Brown) 

The Bleeder – Special Presentations (Phil Brown)

Blind Vaysha – Short Cuts (Doug Tilley)

The Belko Experiment – Midnight Madness (Phil Brown)


Boundaries – Contemporary World Cinema (Michael McNeely)

Boys In The Trees – (Michael McNeely)

Catfight – Special Presentations (Phil Brown)

Le Ciel Flamand – Discovery (Michael McNeely)

The Cinema Travellers – TIFF Docs (Michael McNeely)

Cleo – Short Cuts (Casey Reid)

The Commune – Special Presentations (Phil Brown)

Deepwater Horizon – Gala Presentations (Jason Gorber)

Denial – Special Presentations (Phil Brown)

Dog Eat Dog – Midnight Madness (Noah R. Taylor)

Elle – Gala Presentations (Jason Gorber)

Forever Pure – TIFF Docs (Michael McNeely)

Free Fire – Midnight Madness (Phil Brown)

Gaza Surf Club – TIFF Docs (Michael McNeely)

The Giant– Discovery (Michael McNeely) *NEW*

Gods Acre – Short Cuts (Doug Tilley) 

Graduation – Masters (Michael McNeely)

Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee – TIFF Docs (Noah R. Taylor)

HAND.LINE.COD – Short Cuts (Doug Tilley)

The Handmaiden – Special Presentations (Phil Brown)

The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki – Discovery (Noah R. Taylor)

Headshot – Midnight Madness (Michael McNeely)

Heartstone – Discovery (Michael McNeely)

Hissein Hibré: A Chadian Tragedy – Masters (Michael McNeely)

Home – Platform (Michael McNeely)

Hunting Flies – Discovery (Michael McNeely)

I Am Not Your Negro – TIFF Docs

I, Daniel Blake – Special Presentations (Jason Gorber)

In Between – Contemporary World Cinema (Michael McNeely)

Interchange – Vanguard (Daniel Grant)

It’s Only The End of the World – Special Presentations (Jason Gorber)

Jesús Discovery (Michael McNeely)

La La Land – Special Presentations (Noah R. Taylor)

Layla M. – Platform (Michael McNeely)

The Long Excuse – Special Presentations (Michael McNeely)

The Magnificent Seven – Gala Presentations (Jason Gorber)

Ma’ Rosa – Masters (Michael McNeely)

Mali Blues – TIFF DOCS (Michael McNeely)

Manchester By The Sea – Special Presentations (Jason Gorber)

Marija – Discovery (Michael McNeely)

Mariner – Short Cuts (Doug Tilley)

Mascots – Special Presentations (Noah R. Taylor)

Mimosas – Wavelengths (Michael McNeely)

Mister Universo – Contemporary World Cinema (Michael McNeely)

A Monster Calls – Gala Presentations (Michael McNeely)

Moonlight – Platform (Daniel Grant)

My Entire High School Sinking Into The Sea – Vanguard (Zack Kotzer)

Nelly – Vanguard (Michael McNeely)

Nocturama – Platform (Michael McNeely)

The Oath – Special Presentations (Michael McNeely)

Once Again – Masters (Michael McNeely)

Orphan – Special Presentations (Michael McNeely)

The Net – Masters (Michael McNeely)

Park – Discovery (Cameron Bryant)

Paterson – Special Presentations (Jason Gorber)

Personal Shopper – Masters (Will Perkins)

Prank – Discovery (Noah R. Taylor)

Prevenge – Vanguard (Phil Brown)

Pyromaniac – Contemporary World Cinema (Michael McNeely)

Raw – Midnight Madness (Michael McNeely)

(re)ASSIGNMENT – Special Presentations (Phil Brown)

The Red Turtle – Discovery (Noah R. Taylor)

The Salesman – Special Presentations (Michael McNeely)

Salt and Fire – Special Presentations (Cameron Bryant)

Sámi Blood – Discovery (Michael McNeely)

Snowden – Gala Presentations (Phil Brown)

The Stairs – TIFF Docs (Doug Tilley)

3-Way (Not Calling) – Short Cuts (Casey Reid)

Things to Come – Special Presentations (Michael McNeely)

Toni Erdmann – Special Presentations (Jason Gorber)

Trespass Against Us – Special Presentations (Phil Brown)

Two Lovers and a Bear – Special Presentations (Jason Gorber)

Una – Special Presentations (Will Perkins)

The Unknown Girl – Masters (Michael McNeely)

A Voyage of Time – Special Presentations (Noah R. Taylor)

Zoology – Contemporary World Cinema (Michael McNeely)



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