The Grudge

The Grudge Trailer Will Make You Hate Bathrooms

Just in time for Halloween, we get an early look at the upcoming horror movie, The Grudge. This new haunted house flick is produced by Sam Raimi and directed by Nicolas Pesce, a couple of guys who know a thing or two about the genre. It also stars the consistently amazing John Cho, Andrea Riseborough and Demian Bichir . Take a look.

The Grudge trailer:

The Grudge is based on an iconic Japanese horror series (Ju-on), which made its debut in 2002 before going on to spawn many inferior sequels. Ju-on, along with 1998’s Ringu (The Ring), helped popularize Japanese horror flicks with North American audiences. It didn’t take Hollywood long to capitalize, and in 2004, America received a very Japanese The Grudge remake. Helmed by Ju-on director Takashi Shimizu, the movie featured Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar as an American living in Tokyo facing supernatural forces.

The Grudge, with its modest $10 million budget earned $110 million dollars at the domestic box office and another $70 million internationally. So, the following year, American audiences received a lesser sequel, creatively titled, The Grudge 2. The series, which legitimately scarred a generation of horror lovers still has value. And it was only a matter of time before we received some type of remake.

Should we be excited about this new take on the material? The trailer captures the original movie’s eerie vibe, and features an unassailable cast. But I’m cautious of any horror movie that drops in early January. It’s the spot on the calendar that Hollywood notoriously targets to push out borderline unreleasable projects.


The Grudge synopsis:

Set in the United States, the movie follows a detective (Andrea Riseborough) who investigates a serious of suspicious deaths all stemming from one house. The 2020 reboot also stars John Cho, Andrea Riseborough, Betty Gilpin, Lin Shaye and Demian Bichir.

The Grudge arrives in theatres on January 3rd in the United States.

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