Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The History of Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Last Friday Netflix hit Sabrina fans – old and new – with a case of the chills. The streaming giant’s latest series, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina offers a fresh take on the classic Archie Comics character. The ghoulishly delightful follows the teenage witch on her quest to forge her own identity in the face of outmoded patriarchal systems.

Chilling Adventures tells a dark, violent, and empowering, story with a twisted sense of humour, making the show unlike what long-time Sabrina fans expect from most of the popular Archie Comics versions. If you’re considering checking out the show but feel out of the loop, or a fan who wants to know more about this darker take on Sabrina, the team over at GameSpot Universe, dropped an excellent explainer video that tells you everything you need to know.

Here it is:

If you’re a comic book reader you likely already know about that Archie Comics offer more than sunshine, corny jokes, and love triangles. These books and their beloved characters cater to all kinds of readers and aren’t afraid to go dark. Real dark. As the video points out, in one series, Sabrina brings Jughead’s dead dog back to life, which starts a zombie apocalypse. My personal favourite run, though, is titled – and I shit you not – Archie vs. Predator. The idea of telling an Archie story that’s grim, horrifying, and mischievous isn’t anything new, and if you’re into this Netflix series, there’s a world of Archie comics out there that’s worth exploring – including the 2014 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series.


I still haven’t burned through all ten-episode, but so far, I’m all in. I’m impressed by showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s take on Sabrina and her creepy old town of Greendale. Kiernan Shipka is a treat to watch as a warm-hearted witch making sense of a cruel, dangerous world that rewards bad behaviour. I love the immersive vintage look with its modern take on that old malt shop and sock hop style. But most of all, I love the characters’ glib attitude towards big-time matters like human sacrifice, Satan worship, and cannibalism. The program goes back and forth between tackling important issues (sexism, gender fluidity, authoritarianism) and not taking itself too seriously. Overall, it’s naughty, irreverent, and loads of fun.

If you enjoy high school drama, coming-of-age stories, and a have an affinity towards the macabre, there’s no better show out there right now than Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

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