The Punisher Thinks Daredevil is a Coward in Season 2 Trailer

We’ll have to wait until the fall for the first season of Luke Cage. Thankfully, Daredevil is starting to look like a pretty compelling diversion in the interim. Netflix and Marvel have released the first full trailer for the upcoming second season, offering a look at Daredevil’s evolving costume and more of the same Catholic violence that worked astonishingly well in the gritty-yet-personal first season. The new trailer reunites Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock with Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) and Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson) as they discover that getting the Kingpin off the streets has not put a stop to the crime wave overtaking Hell’s Kitchen.

The difference this time around is that the primary source of violence is an anti-hero rather than a villain. The trailer introduces us to Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle – aka The Punisher – who’s out for revenge and taking out bad guys with the kind of finality that Daredevil prefers to avoid. It takes a special kind of arrogance to tell The Man Without Fear that he’s a coward – a non-lethal run really ups the degree of difficulty – but The Punisher is clearly someone who expects results and it will be interesting to see the ideological clash (and the actual clash) between the two characters.

Netflix has promised to deliver another trailer in ten days, at which point we should have even more information about the series. If I had to guess, I’d expect the second trailer to focus more on the briefly-seen Elektra (Elodie Yung) or another big bad. Either way, all 13 episodes of Daredevil season 2 debut on Netflix on March 18.


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