The Roundup with Elena and Meg

The Roundup Episode #14 – Cool Teen

This episode we’re joined by the delightful Natalie Smith of Twitter (@comicsaquarius) and Secret Loves of Geek Girls fame; Natalie is almost half Meg’s age, yet twice as witty and charming!

We open the show by sharing our reactions to the hit Broadway musical Hamilton, which is currently sweeping the nation. Then in film we’ll be talking about the new Thor movie gaining some amazing new lady screenwriters, gay baiting in the new Civil War trailer, and why Batman v. Superman might suck. In TV we’ll be chatting about Aziz Ansari’s Master of None and asking: is it just TOO REAL? In comics we’ll be discussing our feels after marathoning Marvel’s new Netflix series Jessica Jones, and specifically why it’s one of the best things Marvel has done to date. And then we’ll end the show with gaming, where we’ll chat about Elena’s first experience of playing Mass Effect and why we’re stoked about the addition of a female Link in the new Zelda games.

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Hamilton: 9:07
Film: 14:13
TV: 27:31
Comics: 36:32
Gaming: 47:47



Captain America: Civil War trailer is hella gay argument 
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