The Roundup with Elena and Meg

The Roundup Episode #6 – Manic Pixie Dream Boys

Welcome to episode #6 of The Roundup with Elena & Meg!

We start out with a little chat about vocal fry, upspeak, and policing women’s voices before moving into the rest of the episode. In film we’ll be talking about Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) getting way hot, the newly-released Paper Towns, and the BBC’s list of 100 best American films of all time. In TV we’ll be discussing Wet Hot American Summer, Jon Snow being super alive, and death in TV. In comics we’ll chat about how the comic book adaptation of Jessica Jones is amazing and how the adaptation of Gambit might be hot garbage. And we’ll end the show by talking about romancing characters in Fallout 4.

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Film: 9:43
TV: 32:05
Comics: 47:30
Gaming: 52:32


Are we policing women’s voices?

John Green talks about Manic Pixie Dream Girls


Full list of the BBC’s 100 greatest American films

HBO dropping clues about Jon Snow

How deaths in TV and film are becoming meaningless:

– New York Times


Brian Michael Bendis approves of Jessica Jones so far

Only 3/14 of the main characters in Gambit are ladies

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