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The Terror: 10 Astonishing Facts About The Franklin Expedition

In 1845, Sir John Franklin guided the HMS Erebus and the HMS Terror through the Arctic waters above North America, hoping to find the elusive Northwest Passage that would open up a new trade route from Europe to Asia. And then… he disappeared along with his two ships and 128 crew members.

The Terror, a new AMC series that launched to critical acclaim two weeks ago, offers a fictionalized version of what happened to the expedition, contrasting the aristocratic hubris of Franklin (Ciaran Hinds) and Commander James Fitzjames (Tobias Menzies) with the more practical leadership of Captain Francis Crozier (Jared Harris).

Fictionalized or not, the story of Franklin’s last expedition is full of mysteries. Various European expeditions were sent out to find Franklin’s crew and the wrecks of the Erebus and the Terror, bringing back fragments of the story from local Inuit, but never learning the full truth of what happened. Here are 10 Astonishing Facts About The Franklin Expedition.

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