The WhaleCast Episode 15

WhaleCast LogoEric and Jon (SSMP) talk about Life is Strange – and only Life is Strange – on the first edition of the Life is Strange Official Fan Club Podcast (note: Fan Club is not official). This week they focus on Episode 2: Out of Time and discuss everything there is to discuss about the characters, the mechanics, and the incredible ending.

This podcast includes SPOILERS for Life is Strange.

You can catch up with Eric and Jon’s (slightly less spoiler-y) conversation about Episode 1 over here.

Download: The WhaleCast Episode 15 (49:05)



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  • 0:00 – Intro – “People are Strange” by The Doors
  • :48 – Life is Strange: Episode 2: Out of Time
  • 2:00 – General discussion.
  • 22:43 – Heavy SPOILERS start here.
  • 30:20 – SPOILERS
  • 35:10 – More SPOILERS
  • 39:05 -Why are you still listening if you haven’t played Life is Strange?
  • 45:00 – Go play Life is Strange.
  • 48:34 – Outro – “Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)” by The Doors

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