Into the Badlands - Emily Beechum

The Widow Meets Her Rival Barons in this Exclusive Into The Badlands Clip

The Widow’s rival barons have joined forces against her and she’s about to meet them face to face in what promises to be an epic showdown over hors d’oeuvres.

In this exclusive clip from this Sunday’s episode of Into The Badlands, “Palm of the Iron Fox,” we see The Widow (Emily Beecham) and her advisor Waldo (Stephen Lang) preparing to meet their potential doom with a fearless face.
Check it out below:

Our favourite baroness’ triumphant entrance, set to the song “Night” by Zola Jesus, is punctuated by the glares of her various political enemies: Chau, Hassan, Rojas, Broadmore, and of course Ryder — rulers of Badlands territories who have formed a coalition against the Widow’s brutal campaign of liberation. Given that The Widow is always ready for a fight, and very few arguments in the Badlands are solved without at least one dismemberment, I’d say it’s safe to bet on a bloody reception. But as Waldo observes after The Widow puts on her negotiating face, “If we go down, at least we go down with style.”

The next episode of Into the Badlands airs Sunday April 9, 2017 10/9C