TIFF 2013: The F Word Review


The F Word

Special Presentation

Director: Michael Dowse

While not the most original take on best friends becoming lovers, the latest film from Dowse (Goon, Fubar) has charm in spades, largely thanks to snappy banter delivered by two perfectly cast leads.


Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe) has recently crawled out from under his yearlong funk following a nasty break-up to develop a crush on Chantry (Zoe Kazan), a young Torontonian who just wants to be best friends and finds herself in a long term relationship. The friendship stands, but complications, coincidences, and their friends seem to always be bringing them closer together as romantic ideals.

Dowse certainly knows comedy, and he delivers one of the most Toronto-centric  looks at love and friendship, but Elan Masti’s admittedly hilarious script seems to have been cut down from a larger vision with some gaps in storytelling still showing. Still, the film belongs to Radcliffe and Kazan who both deliver relaxed and incredibly funny performances. Their rapport and skill as rom-com leads make this one something special.