TIFF 2016: The Net Review

Interrogation Transcript

September 16, 2016

INTERROGATOR: McNeely! What is The Net about?

MCNEELY: Directed by Korean grotesque master Kim Ki-Duk (Pieta), this film features the adventures of North Korean fisherman, Nam Chul-Woo (Ryoo Seung-bum), as he accidentally finds himself in South Korea. It’s a fantastic, in-depth…


INTERROGATOR: Answer my questions only. Is it skewed in favour of South Korea, then?

MCNEELY: You would think so, but it actually criticizes both South and North Korea in terms of how they handle the investigation of Chul-Woo’s adventure. He ends up being interrogated by both secret services, you see, and sometimes their methods are a little controversial. Ki-Duk also seems to criticize the craziness of capitalism run-amok in South Korea as well as the poor conditions individuals can experience in both countries. 

INTERROGATOR: Now, write down everything that happened again.

MCNEELY: Like the movie? Where Chul-Woo has to constantly be writing the same series of events over and over again?


INTERROGATOR: Yes, that’s the best method we have to see if you are lying.

MCNEELY: Fine… Directed by Korean […]

INTERROGATOR: You didn’t mention the helpful guard last time. 

MCNEELY: Yes, I was impressed with his kindness, not usually a trait seen in guards for these types of movies. You usually have a sadistic interrogator type and the guards beat the detainee up.


INTERROGATOR: Thanks for reminding me.

[Violence ensues.]

MCNEELY: I think this film is an interesting development in Ki-Duk’s career. He’s no longer using violence or sexuality to shock or to traumatize viewers as he did with Pieta and Moebius, but seems to be making a point about the potential for reconciliation between South and North Korea. Of course, he does have two very weird sex scenes in this film which seem to serve no purpose, but I guess he’s entitled to it.

INTERROGATOR: Any last words?


MCNEELY: I enjoyed this Kafkaesque film about what it means to be interrogated for no apparent reason other than being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

INTERROGATOR: Ok, write this again from the beginning.


Saturday Sept. 17, 5:30pm @ Scotiabank 2