TIFF 2022: Project Wolf Hunting Review

If time flies when you’re having fun, then Project Wolf Hunting’s first act flashes by in the blink of an eye. However, the next 90-minutes feel like they drag on for five hours.

On the surface, writer-director Hong-seon Kim’s ultra-violent action-horror flick has all the elements Midnight Madness fans crave. But the weak story and relentless pacing become too much to bear.

Project Wolf Hunting has a killer premise. It’s mixing elements of Con Air with a Predator flick. The South Korean government must transport a cargo ship of dangerous criminals back home from the Philippines. The psychos break out and slaughter their captors. But… the boat also contains a superhuman killer who escapes and starts hunting everyone onboard.

I won’t discuss the plot or characters in finer detail because none of it matters. The criminals have the over-the-top personalities of Batman Forever villains. And the movie kills off most of the cast before they leave a lasting impression.


Project Wolf Hunting has some fun elements to enjoy – campy performances, fantastic gore effects, and an eardrum-bursting audio mix. But the relentless action and violence wear out their welcome to the point of exhaustion.

Project Wolf Hunting is a two-hour bloodbath. Expect to see severed limbs, volcanoes of blood, and skulls crushed like grapes. But the gorehound in me couldn’t care less as the movie’s Big Bad mutilated 90% of the cast. There are only so many ways to see folks pulverized into marmalade before the schtick gets old.

Project Wolf Hunting screens as a part of TIFF 2022, which runs from September 8 to 18. Head here for more from the festival.