The End of Sex

TIFF 2022: The End of Sex Review

As many couples can attest, marriages tend to fall into a familiar routine once children enter the picture. This is exactly the predicament that Emma (Schitt’s Creek’s Emily Hampshire) and Josh (Jonas Chernick, who wrote the screenplay) find themselves in in the charming comedy The End of Sex.

After encountering a couple headed towards divorce, and with their daughters away at camp for the week, Emma and Josh decide it is time to spice up their long-dormant sex life. Unfortunately, neither has any idea of how to go about it. As the pair venture into uncharted territory and find themselves in increasingly awkward situations, they are forced to confront whether their relationship may have run its course.

The End of Sex marks a return to form for director Sean Garrity. While he and long-time collaborator Chernick have produced many works that explore the intricacies of human relationships, the pair feel rejuvenated here. Chernick’s witty script manages to feel grounded even as the situations, take a brilliant Colin Mochrie cameo, for example, get increasingly outlandish.

It also helps that Chernick and Hampshire, who reunite after Garrity’s 2015 film Borealis, display great chemistry throughout. Their performances allow the characters to feel like relatable people rather than caricatures. A sharp and refreshing comedy, The End of Sex is a perfect date night flick.


The End of Sex screens as part of TIFF 2022, which runs from September 8 to 18. Head here for more from the festival.