TIFF 2022 Wrap

TIFF 2022: Wrap-Up Roundtable

TIFF 2022 marked the first full, in-person festival in town since 2019 and as such, there’s a whole lot to touch on from yet another amazing fortnight of film: some good and some bad. There were the People’s Choice winners and runners-up and a whole host of hidden gems that we’re still raving about. Then there was a truly bonkers development that’s still making headlines. And finally, an innumerable moments that reminded each of us exactly why we love seeing movies on the big screen alongside a theatre full of movie lovers.

So let’s jump right in with our panel of film critics who were there for it all. Listen in to our in-depth discussion on what went down at TIFF 2022:

A huge thank you to our panel participants⁠—Jason Gorber, Pat Mullen, Victor Stiff, Courtney Small, Larry Fried, Marc Winegust and Emma Badame⁠—and to all of the That Shelf team for another amazing year of coverage.

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