TIFF & Crave’s Stay-At-Home Cinema Series: The Princess Bride

Join Viewers Around the Country for a Virtual Q&A and Screening

Being stuck inside sucks. We’ve been social distancing for two weeks now, and I already feel like Will Smith’s character in I Am Legend.

As if life in 2020 wasn’t stressful enough, facing this pandemic raised our collective anxiety to absurd levels. We can all use some healthy and constructive ways to pass the time.

If you need a way to decompress – and maybe even have some fun – on a Friday night, TIFF and Bell Media’s Crave have you covered with their Stay-At-Home Cinema series.

Tonight at 7pm EDT, TIFF Artistic Director and Co-Head Cameron Bailey will host a virtual Q&A and screening of Rob Reiner’s beloved fantasy film, The Princess Bride. Bailey will be joined by Inigo Montoya himself, Mandy Patinkin. The chat will take place via Instagram Live @Tiff_Net before viewers are invited to screen the film on Crave.



Here are the details straight from the Stay-At-Home Cinema press release:

To help Canadians share the experience of film from the comfort of their own homes, TIFF and Bell Media’s Crave announced today that on Friday, March 27 at 7pm EDT audiences across Canada can join TIFF Artistic Director and Co-Head Cameron Bailey in the first of a series of virtual Q&As and screenings. Audiences can tune in to watch Cameron and award-winning actor and star Mandy Patinkin (Crave’s Homeland) for a chat via Instagram Live @tiff_net before being invited to screen TIFF’s 1987 People’s Choice Award winner, The Princess Bride, on Crave.

“TIFF has a longstanding partnership with Bell Media and Crave, so it was a natural progression to work together during this global health crisis,” said Joana Vicente, TIFF Executive Director and Co-Head. “Both organizations value their audiences and want to bring the best of our programming to as many people as we can. We are all looking to connect with each other, and what better way to do this than through cinema.”

“During these challenging times, we continue to look for ways to keep people connected, comforted, and entertained, and the power of film and TV accomplishes just that. It was important for us to work with TIFF on bringing these meaningful films to life,” said Randy Lennox, President, Bell Media. “We’re thrilled to work with our partners at TIFF to enhance the experience of revisiting these cinematic classics, by hearing from the beloved stars and inspiring creators behind these films, as well as media personalities who will consider their enduring impact. Stay tuned for more!”

TIFF’s Stay-at-Home Cinema experience with Rob Reiner’s timeless classic The Princess Bride is the first in a series TIFF and Crave will be rolling out over the next few weeks. Additional movie titles — all available on Crave — along with special guests will be announced each week on TIFF and Crave’s social media channels.


The Stay-at-Home Cinema experience will begin with a virtual Q&A on TIFF’s Instagram (@tiff_net) with Mandy Patinkin and Cameron Bailey (7pm to 7:20pm EDT) via Instagram Live. At 7:20pm EDT, audiences can view The Princess Bride through Crave (app, web, SVOD) and continue the conversation on Twitter @TIFF_NET during their home screening.

“TIFF is looking for every opportunity to continue doing what we do best: building bridges between great films and passionate audiences,” said Cameron Bailey. “The Princess Bride is the first of many shared at-home experiences TIFF and Crave will offer to movie lovers everywhere.”

Crave recently announced that it is providing one month free for any new, direct-to-consumer subscribers with access to the internet, expanding the trial period during which Canadians can sample the service from seven to 30 days. Available now through April 30, the one-time-only offer is for first-time, direct-to-consumer subscribers, and can be accessed now on the Crave app or

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