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Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie Review

Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie

Me and my brother like to smoke weed and sound smart about Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim and the wave of comedy they’ve come to represent. We use really dry terms to sound smart. “Post-humour: jokes in the absence of a punch-line.” We feel like fucking geniuses, trying to explain the genius of Tim & Eric all the while probably becoming the butt of some larger, cosmic joke. Tim & Eric are smart, that’s for sure, even if I lift my arms in preparative shelter before waxing in any depth about the beauty of their act. But to keep it short, sweet, and pretentious, Tim & Eric use relentless Dada-flavoured antics and have subliminally made you and your memes more avant-garde, ya dummy. Unless I’m wrong, then I guess I’m the dummy. Anyways.

Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! is funny, you asshole. And if you didn’t need to be convinced of that then you aren’t going to be offended by their Billion Dollar Movie. To everyone else, it’s not a very strong argument. Now I’ll be-ar-bhe I have to take a pee-pee cuz’ I drank too much tea-tea.

Schlaaang Pictures (a stand-in for Cinco) gave Tim and Eric one-billion dollars to make a great movie and oops they goofed it up, spending the entire budget on personal makeovers, a Johnny Depp impersonator and a suit made out of diamonds. Running away from a pissed off Tommy Schlaaang (Robert Loggia) and saddened spiritual guru/poet Jim Joe Kelly (Zach Galifanakis) those two goofy-oofy-doofy-doos head off to inherit a shitty mall and seek their fortune.

Billion Dollar Movie doesn’t siphon or benefit from the momentum of Awesome Show in a myriad of ways. For one, none of the beloved rogues like Steve Brule or Quiltin’ Will of the T&E microcosm make appearances, even if their actors do. Even at a just barely feature-length amount of time, the film seems to struggle pacing their brand of ha-has around evenly, with flat, dry wastelands of montages and gags that just don’t “seem like them.” It’s a tough truth, but when James Quall appears as a bread-themed stand-up comedian and David Liebe Hart appears as legitimately disoriented on set you’ll let out a harmonious, high pitch idiot squeal.


That’s the bad truth and I’m only telling you because I like the way you are. I like you. Here’s the good truth too, ‘cause I like you more. There are moments, scattered throughout, where the film rises to the occasion, slams you back by the shoulders, touching your body, and says, “this is the Tim & Eric cinematic, film-in-a-theater experience and you are here.” These may come in the form of fake commercials where Will Ferrell’s uglied up face sloppily crops over itself. These may come in the form of inane body humour, not scat humour as it all seems to be jumbled together by some others. These may come in what appear to be pure, uncut spite for the filmmaking experience, where Tim &/or Eric deadpan deconstruct the purpose of a shitty joke or illustrate the morals you’re supposed to be learning from this film-outing. I don’t want to deflate, detract, dismiss anything else about the film. It’s yours now.

I couldn’t help but look over what some of the other critics are saying, and it’s clear there’s a whole ensemble of folks who don’t get it, refuse to get it, or are just giving up. A lot of the parts of me can’t blame them, but fuck them anyways. To a certain extent they’ve just become part of the bigger gag. Even leading up to the movie, getting “Rango’d” and having a shirtless, panting Weird Al sign the pledge in blood has made the road to the film enriched. Much like the show itself, the film had already proven its merits by making the world a funnier place. Billion Dollar Movie isn’t a train wreck, but it isn’t a stroke of genius either. It’s reassurance that Tim & Eric should keep at what they do, and perhaps even try making a feature film again sometime in the future.

If you encounter a critic on the internet world and they’re complaining about the scat-humour and that it’s nothing but poo jokes, they’re a turlet fartsy bum idiot. If they claiming that Billion Dollar Movie isn’t ever funny, they’re lying to spite you. However, if they assure you that Awesome Show is better, they are unfortunately correct. ; )