Top 10 Reasons the Original Quake Ruled


Our friend Joel over at local video game site Controller Punch! posted a list of the top 10 reasons the original Quake game ruled.  He sold me with the idea that Jesus would be a skilled Quake player.

6. General use of rusty nails as weapons. We’ve got disturbing games out there now like Manhunt and the GTA series and yet none have perfected the disgusting level of perforation provided by two types of Quake nail guns. Jesus was a carpenter. I bet he’d have mad skills at Quake for this reason alone.

Check out the Top 10 Reasons the Original Quake Ruled @ Controller Punch!

The first Quake game from id Software had the distinction of being the first fully 3D first person shooter, and sported one of the most robust multiplayer aspects of any game at the time.  It also featured a great little mod called Team Fortressmaybe you have heard of it?  It was a truly epic era for PC shooters, from 1996 onward pretty much all I played was Quake, Team Fortress and Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2. Ah, memories.

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