Top Gun: Maverick Trailer

Cruise Reprises One of His Most Iconic Roles

“Despite your best efforts you refuse to die.” Those are the words Ed Harris’ character speaks to the immortal Maverick, but it’s also a meta-commentary on the film. Top Gun: Maverick was 30-years in the making. And based on the hot new trailer, it might be worth the wait.

The film stars Tom Cruise, reprising his role as the eponymous Maverick, a hotshot fighter pilot with otherworldly skills behind the stick. He’s also stubborn as a mule. And this film picks up decades after Top Gun, with Maverick grinding out life as a fighter pilot rather than moving up the military ranks.

Paramount Pictures has remained tight-lipped about the plot details, and the trailer doesn’t reveal much, either. Rumour is that Maverick will pass the torch to a younger pilot played by Miles Teller. What we do see in the trailer is loads of nostalgia-porn, with the classic Top Gun anthem playing in the background as Maverick smirks, goes shirtless, and tears through the crystal blue skies.

In addition to Cruise, Harris, and Teller, Top Gun: Maverick’s knockout cast includes Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, and Val Kilmer. The film reunites cruise with his Oblivion director, Joseph Kosinski.


Top Gun: Maverick trailer

Top Gun: Maverick arrives in theatres on June 26, 2020.