Netflix Series Renewals

Top Netflix TV Series Approved for a New Season

Netflix has opened an era of binge-watching and it is common now for people to watch different series on a marathon. This change of viewership has increased the number of series and shows to keep up with the demand and to satisfy the hunger of its subscribers for more quality shows. It has provided just that, with new titles coming to the screen every now and then and the most beloved series coming back for more. 

Umbrella Academy

This show has caused quite a stir partly due to the popularity of one of its creators who is the former frontman of My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way. It is based on a comic-book series and its superheroes are not of your typical ones. It is a funny and adorable show, which explores the lives of adoptive Hargreeve siblings. The ending has caused a much-anticipated return and this is expected since the comic series from which it was based is made in three parts. Surely, it gives hope to a lot of its fans that a third installment is going to happen in the future. The new season is set to air in July of 2020 and would explore more of the character’s personalities in the attempt to go time traveling to alter the future of the world and make it better. 

Stranger Things

If you noticed the sudden popularity of the 80s fashion, then you should surely credit this incredibly
popular series, The Stranger Things. The first season came out in July 2016 and it catapulted its young main characters into the limelight due to how adorable and unique each one of them is. This supernatural series is making its way back to Netflix for the 4th season and a lot of people are excited to see what will happen after a much intriguing cliffhanger from the previous season. Filming is supposed to start in 2020, with the first episodes airing in 2021 but there is an expected delay in plans due to everything that is going on lately. Still, the public maintains its clamor in seeing its main characters back, now more matured but still adorable. 

The Crown

The Crown
This Netflix series is supposed to cover the British royal family, particularly of Queen Elizabeth from the time she came into power to her current life as a monarch. It is expected to run in several seasons, confirming early on that this series is going to be renewed. The Crown has earned a lot of praise and approvals from its fans because of how brilliant the actors playing the most beloved royals are. This show is guaranteed for further
Netflix renewals because the public’s interest in the lives of the royal families is not over. This show has opened a lot of windows into the life of the characters whom people didn’t really know well because of how much they are shielded from the public eye. Adding to its powerful cast, the show offers an ever-growing story arc of the monarchs and these characters will surely show something interesting and eye-opening to the world. 

Russian Doll

Natasha Lyonne Russian Doll
Russian Doll is a critically acclaimed dark comedy series about a girl who got stuck in a loop of the day when she was killed. And although this plot seems familiar to some, this show has shown interesting twists and turns which contributed greatly to its popularity. A lot of people praised this show for its ingenuity and the quirkiness of its main character. If you want more of her then you will be in for some treat as this show is certainly renewed for a new season. 

The Witcher

The Witcher Netflix Henry Cavill Featured
Netflix has anticipated the success of the show that the
second season was already announced even before the first season was aired. Fantasy series has been very popular in recent years due to a number of big production TV series which are comparable to big hit films.  Following this trend, Netflix has released its own with The Witcher, casting one of the most popular actors of his generation, Henry Cavill. It follows the story of the place called the Continent and how different timelines are eventually going to merge into one. 

There are more reasons why people stay home and one of the factors is the emergence of Netflix and its seemingly never-ending supply of great shows. You can watch many great series one after another. Most of all, you can also expect that your favorite ones are going to return for another season.