SEPTEMBER 28, 2011: Final 10 Films include Ti West’s INNKEEPERS! Lucky McKee’s WOMAN! Two World Premieres and More!

Toronto After Dark Film Festival is THRILLED to officially announce its FINAL WAVE of exciting new Horror, Sci-Fi, Action, and Cult feature film selections that will screen at the festival’s 6th Annual Event this October 20-27, 2011!


The final lineup includes a number of hugely buzzed genre movies including the Closing Gala Film, the scary supernatural tale and festival circuit hit , THE INNKEEPERS, from acclaimed horror filmmaker Ti West (HOUSE OF THE DEVIL)! Fans will be also be delighted to hear that Toronto After Dark has programmed the Sundance sensation THE WOMAN, an outrageous new horror film from Lucky McKee (MAY), about a suburban family that decides to ‘domesticate’ a woman found living in the wild!


The festival is also thrilled to announced two more WORLD Premieres, bringing the total at Toronto After Dark 2011 to a record three! First off, WAR OF THE DEAD, a thrilling new war movie with an undead twist, will delight both zombie and action movie fans with its masses of undead hordes terrifying a group of soldiers trying to complete a secret mission during World War II. While fans of dark and edgy superhero films like KICK-ASS will go nuts when they get to be the first in the world to catch sight of VS which sees a despicable super-villain (James Remar) forcing a group of young costumed crusaders into playing a series of impossible-to-win games where the penalty for losing is… death!

Vampire lovers should sink their fangs into MIDNIGHT SON, a dark and gritty look at a young man’s descent into the world of drinking blood, while dark sci-fi fans should check out THE CORRIDOR, an award-winning new film about a disturbing energy force discovered in a remote forest by a group of friends on their winter vacation, and the dark implications it has for them all!

Those looking for more light-hearted fare should check out the Canadian Premiere of MANBORG, an hysterically lofi but fun homage to cult sci-fi action films of the 80s like ROBOCOP and the THE TERMINATOR. Meanwhile festival circuit hit crowd-pleaser SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE adds healthy doses of black comedy to its serial killer horror, and features a wonderful, eclectic cast that includes cult film icons Karen Black and ROCKY HORROR’s Barry Bostwick!

Finally, for pure adrenaline-rush seekers, Toronto After Dark has booked the supernatural horror film ABSENTIA, possibly the most chilling new horror film of the year, and the award-winning new mountain climbing dark thriller, A LONELY PLACE TO DIE, which has drawn favourable comparisons to another thrilling and chilling film from Britain, that wowed fans a few years ago, THE DESCENT!


SEE THE EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW AT THE SPACE CHANNEL WEBSITE: A few days ago, Toronto After Dark gave an exclusive sneak preview on TV of the final ten titles for The Space Channel. The 4-minute segment, which includes lots of fun clips from all the films has now been posted online at SPACE’s official website, and fans can watch it here: SPACE has also posted a bonus video introducing Toronto After Dark here:

WATCH ALL THE TRAILERS AT YOUTUBE: We’ve added all the trailers that are currently available for our lineup at our YouTube Playlist for Toronto After Dark 2011 here:

We’ll be adding two more trailers, for our World Premieres, WAR OF THE DEAD and VS, later this week. Unfortunately there is no trailer for THE INNKEEPERS at this time.

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