Confessions of a Toy Collector: Big-Sized Obsession

I love toys. I love ripping open the package (and sometimes slicing my hand open on the sharp plastic edges because I am too eager), undoing the twist-ties that hold the figure in place, and finally breaking it free like a new butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. Anyone who has been to my apartment can […]

Toys: My Good Ideas Are Anything But

I blame my older brother for everything.  He gave me my first comic book, Fantastic Four #145, and since then, I haven’t looked back.  From time to time, things come up that force me to choose between my passion and ‘real life’.  When that happens I am proud to say that I almost always make […]

Mighty Muggs: These Toys Will be The Death of Me

I have been collecting toys and comics for most of my life.  While I have been able to collect entire series of comics, the same cannot be said for toys.  I would start with a series that I thought was really cool, but before too long I would get bored and move on.  I have […]