Bodied TIFF 2017

Trailer Tuesday: Bodied, Aquaman, Vice, Star Trek: Discovery Season 2

It’s Tuesday and that means That Shelf will be rounding up the latest movie, TV, and video game trailers – and anything else we think you should be checking out.


First up, the new trailer for the Joseph Kahn directed, Eminem produced battle rap dramedy Bodied, debuting on YouTube over the weekend. The film was one of our favourites of TIFF 2017, so we’re glad to see it’s finally getting a release on November 2.



Next on the docket is the latest footage from DC’s Aquaman, a five minute extended reel that director James Wan debuted at New York Comic Con over the weekend. We’re still pretty skeptical of anything DC at this point, but the combo of Wan and Momoa has us at least cautiously optimistic that this one could be more Wonder Woman than Batman v Superman.


Next is the first trailer for VICE, the latest from director Adam McKay (Anchorman, The Big Short). The film, which chronicles the rise of former US Vice President Dick Cheney, features a nearly unrecognizable Christian Bale in the role of Cheney. Bale rounds out an all-star cast that includes Amy Adams as Lynne Cheney, Sam Rockwell as George W. Bush, and Steve Carell as Donald Rumsfeld. This is one to watch!


Star Trek: Discovery (Season 2)

And finally some new footage from season two of Star Trek: Discovery, which, like Aquaman, debuted at NYCC this week.

Spock alert! Spock alert! While Trek‘s producers have been pretty cagey about revealing the latest iteration of everyone’s favourite Vulcan science officer (this time played by actor Ethan Peck) to date, but what better place to give fans their first look than New York Comic Con? What do you think?


While it definitely had its moments, we weren’t totally sold by season one of Discovery. However, based on this trailer – and the traditionally lacklustre first seasons of every Trek series – season two is stacking up to be bigger and better.

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