Tron Legacy - CLU (Jeff Bridges)

TRON: Legacy Final Theatrical Trailer

Disney has unveiled the final theatrical trailer for the upcoming TRON: Legacy. Like the previous trailers for the film this one is a visual treat, but what makes this one different is that it finally reveals the plot of the film. TRON: Legacy stars Garrett Hedlund as Sam Flynn — son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) from the 1982 TRON — who must travel to the digital world to find his father who has been missing for 25 years.

The film is looking pretty slick and the effects are a vast improvement over the previous trailers released. It is revealed that Bridges’ Flynn is very much alive and living within a cyber-universe of his own creation. He’s not living freely but is actually a prisoner of his greatest creation, a digital copy of himself named CLU. The trailer showcases more of the digital universe with plenty of disc battles, light cycle fights, and confirmation of the much rumoured lightjets!

The obvious highlight is seeing more footage of Jeff Bridges – most of the other media has focused on Hedlund’s character. This trailer features full-blown shots of both middle-aged Bridges and his CGI de-aged version CLU.  While most of these effects look pretty flawless, some of the shots stray into creepy uncanny valley territory.

As a side note, BBC Radio premiered another Daft Punk track about a week ago. The 3 minute tune is the end credits track from the film. You can listen to it here.


TRON: Legacy is out on December 17, 2010.