Tron: Legacy Update

The hype machine for Disney’s Tron: Legacy is in full swing. The massive press blitz comes in advance of the highly anticipated Comic-Con presentation happening in San Diego on July 21, 2010, dubbed “Comic-TRON”.

To start off, now accepting pre-orders for the film’s soundtrack, composed by French techno-engineers Daft Punk. The album is set to come out on November 23, almost a month before the film’s debut. No announcement of a single being released or any other information is available. Daft Punk’s soundtrack is one of the most hyped albums set to come out this year.

Next, Empire Magazine has released some official stills from the film in their upcoming issue. Most of the images are high-resolution shots of billboards and scenes from the teaser trailer except for one brand new one of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) in a futuristic neon hoodie and a clear shot of a red lightcycle chasing down one of the newer light vehicles from the film.

Finally, Entertainment Weekly reports that Disney has brought Pixar into the Tron fold in order to “beef-up” the movie’s character and emotional themes. Reports indicate that Brad Bird (The Incredibles) and Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3) have been brought on as screenwriters to help with re-shoots that are currently underway.


I think this is great news as both Bird and Arndt are amazing storytellers, their involvement will most certainly enhance what Legacy’s director Joe Kosinski has already created.  Looking at the new still of Bridges, combined with my impatience for even a small 30-second clip of Daft Punk’s score has me eagerly anticipating Comic-Con.

Tron: Legacy hits theatres December 17, 2010.

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