Ubisoft TO to produce Splinter Cell game


When game developer Ubisoft first announced that they would be opening a studio in Toronto, the first question on most people’s minds was what game would they be developing? Well, it seems that we finally have an answer to that query, as Ubisoft announced yesterday that the Toronto studio will lead development on the next Splinter Cell title. The most recent entry in the franchise, Splinter Cell: Conviction was developed by the long established Ubisoft Montreal studio; many of the key people from that studio like Jade Raymond, Maxime Béland and Alexandre Parizeau now make up the core of the Toronto team. With only 40 employees at present and another 100 on the way by the end of the year, Ubisoft hopes the sixth Splinter Cell game will kick-start the Toronto studio by giving them access to the pool of talent already established at the Montreal studio.

I was hoping that Ubisoft Toronto would get its hands on the Assassin’s Creed franchise, especially given Jade Raymond’s presence. However, the realities of opening a new triple A studio being what they are, that doesn’t seem to be in the cards. Ubisoft Toronto has the talent, but they simply don’t have the manpower at present to tackle a project like that on their own. When you consider how much talent left Quebec to join the studio, putting Ubisoft Toronto on design duty for the new Tom Clancy title makes a lot of sense; the move is as much a necessity as it is about building a new team. So for now, Ubisoft Toronto will feel a bit like Ubi Montreal’s Toronto Office.

Splinter Cell means Sam Fisher, and Sam Fisher means that Michael Ironside (Toronto’s head explodingest son), who voices the character, will grace our city with his presence.

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Via CBC News