Video: A Sunday Kind of Love Exclusive Set Visit and Clips

To live a long, normal life of mediocrity, or to die young and be remembered for your accomplishments? This is the choice struggling writer Adam must make when he encounters a young woman claiming to be Death who tells him his time is up once he finishes his novel.

That’s the elevator pitch for A Sunday Kind Love that helped writer/ director Geordie Sabbagh become one of five winners of the inaugural IndieCan10K Film Challenge. This  program was created by IndieCan Entertainment to help first-time feature filmmakers by donating $10,000 worth of gear and services to aid in the production of the film. Sabbagh and his producers also had to match this amount through crowdfunding means.

In order for any indie film to get made, it must be a labour of love, and A Sunday Kind of Love is certainly that. Inspired by romantic filmmakers of past and present, A Sunday Kind of Love is like the love child of Before Sunset and Midnight in Paris with some Albert Brooks thrown in for good measure. Despite its supernatural elements, the film is essentially a walk-n-talk that shows off the talent of its leads and the often overlooked beauty of Toronto.

The film stars Dylan Taylor (Copper, Covert Affairs) as Adam, Melanie Scrofano (The Listener, Wynonna Earp) as Emma (aka Death) who tempts him with much more than posthumous fame, and Meghan Heffern (The F Word, Degrassi: The Next Generation) as his girlfriend who has just about had enough of him.


Dork Shelf was fortunate enough to spend some time on set documenting the film’s production before sitting down with the cast and filmmakers to discuss the project. Please enjoy our behind the scenes look at A Sunday Kind of Love.

We also asked the cast and filmmakers what decision they would make if they were in Adam’s position. Would you rather live a long life toiling in mediocrity or live a short life but achieve eternal greatness? Their answers may surprise you.

Since a large part of the film deals with legacy, particularly with regards to writers, we wanted to know which authors they felt had the most desirable legacies.

A Sunday Kind of Love opens in Toronto at The Carlton April 15th. The 6:45 show will be followed by a Q&A with writer/ director Geordie Sabbagh, cast members Dylan Taylor, Melanie Scrofano, Meghan Heffern, and producer Ryan West.


(Full disclosure: The author of this feature is actor Dylan Taylor’s brother)

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