Video Interview: The Trailer Park Boys

Trailer Park Boys Dont Legalize It

Everyone’s favourite goofs from the Sunnyvale Trailer Park are back on the big screen tomorrow (because you might be busy on 4/20) in The Trailer Park Boys: Don’t Legalize It.

This time out Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles are in vastly different places in their lives. The scourge of their existence, Mr. Lahey, is still a fucking knob, but they’re all trying to pull their lives together. Ricky has been making a killing getting back into the dope game, but he’s horrified to learn that Ottawa is looking to legalize weed, effectively killing any business he has. Bubbles has been living under J-Roc’s stoop getting drunk on swish and delivering smokes, liquor, and fried chicken. Julian has been stealing piss from military bases and trying to sell it at a premium for people who need clean pee for drug tests (smuggling it around in sex toys).

The boys passed through Toronto to promote their work and we talked about the downfalls of the piss game, how hard it is to quit drinking swish, why Ricky should run for the mayor of Toronto, and why Lahey’s still a fuck after all these years.

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