Warrior Nun Looks like Our New Summer Jam

The Title Tells You All You Need to Know

Sometimes a movie or TV show’s title is so perfect that the name alone sells me on the product. And when you’re talking about hell-yeah-I’m-all-in-type titles, how do you top Warrior Nun?

Warrior Nun’s title calls to mind some nutty grindhouse cinema feature or an outlandish straight-to-video exploitation flick. But no, this series’ origin is only slightly less bonkers. Netflix’s Warrior Nun series is based on Ben Dunn’s American manga comic titled Warrior Nun Areala.

The series, which debuts on July 02, centres on a 19-year-old woman who wakes up in a morgue with a divine artifact embedded in her back and inexplicable powers. She then joins an ancient order of warrior nuns tasked with fighting demons on earth. As if that wasn’t harrowing enough for a teenager to process, there are also forces in heaven and hell seeking to control her. What’s a girl to do?

Take a look at the show’s wild new trailer.


Warrior Nun trailer:

This upcoming action-fantasy series looks like all kinds of fun. I’m already sold on the show’s supernatural premise, but I’m also intrigued by the over-the-top cast of characters (one young woman is called Shotgun Mary). But the icing on the cake is the program’s high production values – the show gets bonus points for all those thrilling-looking action sequences.

Thanks to this slick new trailer, Warrior Nun just shot to the top of my summer watch-list. What’s at the top of yours? Let us know in the comments below or at @VictorJStiff and @ThatShelf.

Warrior Nun synopsis:

Caught in the middle of an ancient war between good and evil, a young girl wakes up in a morgue with inexplicable powers. Her search for answers brings her to The Order of the Cruciform Sword, a secret society of warrior nuns sworn to protect the world from evil. While juggling her responsibilities as the chosen one with the normal obstacles of a teenage girl, this mysterious fantasy drama is full of mystery, action, adventure, and teenage romance, proving our main character might fight in the name of good, but she’s no angel.

Warrior Nun arrives on Netflix on July 02nd, 2020.

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