Watch A New Face-Melting Clip From Hemlock Grove

Watching Hemlock Grove on Netflix is what it feels like to go insane. When I first binge watched it last summer my initial reaction was to call it bad. However, once I got into the “Hemlock groove” (as I’ve come to calling my appreciation for the show) I began to suspect it was brilliant, but in a way that was difficult to articulate. I have the overwhelming impression when watching it that Hemlock Grove is the kind of show that will be re-assessed and deemed important a decade after it’s finished airing.

The Eli Roth-produced adaptation of Brian McGreevy’s horror novel is like nothing else on television, perfectly finding the balance between an R-rated Twilight-themed fever dream and a suburban daytime soap opera. Vampires get leukemia and sing karaoke in Hemlock Grove, psychic babies make drifters lactate blood, and werewolves transform back into humans by defying all logic and crawling out of their own lupine mouths. Now in its third and final season, Hemlock Grove promises apocalyptic stakes, fully unleashed inner monsters, and more of its strange tone which is in full effect in this this new clip that Netflix has released just in time to break your mind for Halloween.

I personally think it’s perfect on its own, but if you’re the type of person that likes to have context for their daytrips into madness, the old white guy in this clip is Dr. Arnold Spivak (J.C. MacKenzie), who abducted Miranda Cates (Orange is the New Black’s Madeline Brewer) last season in the big reveal that he’s the series’ big bad. Dr. Spivak, who is wearing a sweater in this scene, was last pictured as a giant bat-thing with a human face.

CONTENT WARNING: This scene starts out like a regular old domestic drama but it has some pretty abusive vibes. Also, someone’s face totally gets melted off in it and you can see her screaming through her liquefying visage.