Watch Priyanka Slay Cheryl Hole in New Snatch Video

Canada's Drag Race Winner Premieres New Video in Toronto

Move over, MCU: the PCU is where it’s at! Canada’s Drag Race winner Priyanka brings her cinematic universe full circle with this week’s release of “Snatch.” Priyanka premiered the video last night in Toronto with a packed launch party at The Rec Room. The video caps off the releases of “Cake,” “Bitch I’m Busy,” and “Come Through” from her Taste Test EP. The album has 10 million streams and counting.

“Snatch” features Priyanka in an epic smackdown with guest Cheryl Hole from Drag Race UK and Versus the World. Where the other videos in the series riff on scream queens and lady bosses, “Snatch” salutes geeks and gamers by pitting Priyanka versus Cheryl Hole in a Super Mario/Mortal Kombat mash-up that sees Priyanka stomp the Queen of Mediocrity like a goomba.

Directed by Caroline Torti, who helmed the other Taste Taste videos, “Snatch” features cameos by Drag Race favourites like Priyanka’s bestie Lemon and season one alum Tynomi Banks, along with the brat pack from season two of Canada’s Drag Race, Gia Metric, Synthia Kiss, Kendall Gender. But the Academy best prepare itself for a scene-stealing appearance by Momyanka, who got a roar from the crowd last night.

The “Snatch” premiere saw Priyanka take the stage and perform the numbers from Taste Test. The party featured Toronto drag queen Xtacy Love as emcee and an appearance by Lemon who sauntered out purse first to rap her verse in “Come Through.” Also in attendance at the party (with drinks provided by Vizzy) were Canada’s Drag race host Traci Melchor, current season competitor Lady Boom Boom, and former guest judge/choreographer Hollywood Jade.


In addition to turning it on stage with her infectious energy, Priyanka joined Lemon and Torti to take questions from the audience about bringing the Taste Taste PCU to life amid the pandemic, which included shoots at Casa Loma and some totally sweaty make-up jobs. The night underscored her epic journey from YTV kids host to international drag superstar providing a positive role model for young audiences worldwide.

“Snatch” hints at a new era of Priyanka to come, but Canada’s queen didn’t give any hints about what to expect next. She’s too busy, bitch!


Watch the “Snatch” video below.