SodaStream Shame or Glory

Watch Some Poor Sap Get Shamed Game of Thrones Style For Buying Bottled Water

While Game of Thrones’ fifth season was controversial for leaning a little too far into its sadistic side, it did show the world the theatrical power of public humiliation. The season five finale was brought to a painfully iconic conclusion with the image of Cersei, paraded naked through the streets of King’s Landing, followed by a member of the Faith Militant, Septa Unella, ringing a bell and chanting the word “shame!” Most viewers rightly felt empathy for one of the series’ longest running villains, while some saw it as a long overdue comeuppance. But the enterprising minds in the marketing department at SodaStream saw something different in Cersei’s public shaming: opportunity for a positive environmental message.

In a new two minute advertisement for its eponymous DIY sparkling water maker, SodaStream has given us a glimpse into a world where Game of Thrones levels of shame are heaped on people who make mother earth cry by purchasing their sparkling water in plastic bottles. What seems like a fun marketing gimmick at first transcends simple pop culture reference and gets almost upsettingly meta after its three minutes are up. But no matter how you feel by the end of this ad, the takeaway is clear: fuck plastic bottles and shame on the people who buy them.

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