Weekend Watch: Late Night in the Studio

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It’s Friday, the weekend is here and its time to let loose.

I like to start my weekend with a bit of casual screen-time to help me decompress. Something to slow down my busy brain while I put some distance between myself and the week behind me. I prefer a light and easy watch I can knock out in one sitting before moving on to my main Friday night feature.

Tonight I’ll be kicking off my evening with a new streaming series on CBC Gem titled Late Night in the Studio.

Late Night in the Studio is the brainchild of the Toronto creative collective known as shy kids. Shout out to that crew because it looks like they’ve struck comedy gold. The mockumentary-style program is hosted by CBC’s “head archivist” Nobu Adilman. In each episode, Nobu sorts through the CBC’s fictional archive to highlight some classic Canadian programming that never existed (although you will wish it did).


The first episode focuses on the early career of Canadian icon David Suzuki at a time when he went simply by “Zooks.” Episode two is called “Dougie Doughnuthole,” which is all you really need to know. In case you need any more persuasion to watch this series, here’s the trailer.

Late Night in the Studio trailer:

Each episode clocks in at roughly ten-minutes so you can breeze through the whole five-episode run in about an hour. And if you’re feeling the show, head on over to the shy kids’ site and check out their music videos and films, they’ve been producing exciting work with a distinctly Canadian flavour. Here’s a dope sample of their what they’re all about.

Late Night in the Studio synopsis:

Late Night in the Studio is a satirical and historically inaccurate look through the CBC Archives, highlighting some CanCon content that you’ll wish was real. The show is led by the diligent and idiosyncratic Nobu Adilman, who serves as CBC’s Head Archivist, sharing on-screen gems like the soap opera My Regina and the hidden life of a major Canadian coffee chain’s doughnut holes.

Late Night in the Studio episode guide:

Episode 1 – Young Suzuki
Young Suzuki is the failed ‘80s action-adventure series narrated by the legend himself, David Suzuki. We watch as a youthful ‘Zooks’ (portrayed by Ethan Eng), and his trusty sidekick Dexter (played by Nate Appiah) attempt to save the town from a group of littering, genetically modified, fish people.

Episode 2 – Dougie Doughnuthole
Dougie Doughnuthole is an animated show about a young doughnut hole named Dougie (voiced by six-year-old newcomer Taylor Hagen). Dougie worries that he doesn’t fit in with the cool new flavours because he’s old fashioned and plain. When a spunky fresh Birthday Cake Doughnuthole comes to town, Dougie must learn to accept there’s a flavour out there for everyone.


Episode 3 – My Regina
My Regina is an uncovered ‘80s soap opera, set in Saskatchewan. This episode follows Marie (played by the debonair Tennille Read) as she suspects her husband Patrick M. Balgonie (heartthrob Drew Nelson) has been cheating on her with Regina from Regina (played by the sultry Sidney Leeder). The web of lies continues to unfold as Dr. Lennox Timothy (formidable guest star Jeremy Crawford) and a mysterious woman named Gloria (fetching CTT newcomer Chelsea Muirhead) create a storm that may threaten to turn this quaint town upside down.

Episode 4 – Mr. Bright-Bright
Mr. Bright-Bright’s late ‘70s kids show taught children hard lessons in a frank and colourful style. In this episode, Mr. Bright-Bright (played by Josh Murray) is in deep with the police after accidentally hitting Queen Mimi out of her castle. With rousing puppetry from Shawna Reiter and Michelle Urbano, Mr.Bright-Bright teaches the Imagine Nation inhabitants what it means to not be quick to judge.

Episode 5 –  There Will Be Jolly
There Will Be Jolly is a 1960s Christmas Special in which little Timmy Two-Shoes and a magical snowman named Burr Ives teach Mayor McGrump and the people of Tinsel Town what it means to respect others holiday traditions. There Will be Jolly was produced with actors from all over the world. Featuring beautiful hand-drawn animation from Marty MacPherson, it’s full of laughter, heart, and tons of holiday spirit (for whatever winter festival you celebrate!).

Late Night in the Studio is currently available to stream on CBC Gem.