What to Watch When You’ve Run Out of Netflix Shows

Global streaming service Netflix is renowned for the amount of content that it offers. It has several thousand movies and TV shows to choose from and it is planning to add more over the next few years. In fact, Netflix has even pledged to invest $8 billion to fund more than 700 new, original TV shows and movies.

However, this major, multi-billion content investment won’t pay off for quite a few years. This means that if you’ve already worked your way through your Netflix list, binged the saved TV shows and movies like the licensing deals are about to run out, you may be stuck dealing with a content drought. In this case, what are you to do? How are you going to spend those lazy afternoons off work? Or a super late night where you feel like watching something new? Netflix may not have more to show you but there are plenty of other ways to stay entertained.

Consider Other Streaming Services


Although Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services out there, it isn’t the only one. So if you’ve got some spare cash and feel like testing what else is out there, it’s worth considering the exclusives available on other platforms. The likes of Amazon Prime Video and Hulu are great places to check out as they both have exclusive shows such as Man in the High Castle and The Handmaid’s Tale. The YouTube Premium streaming service is also regularly overlooked but it offers action-packed spin-offs such as Cobra Kai (inspired by the Karate Kid movies), and Step Up: High Water (based on the Step Up films) as well as intriguing documentary Kedi.

Watch Live Streams

If you aren’t looking for pre-recorded content specifically, then watching live streams is also a good shout. There is a massive amount of variety in live streamed content from streams of people playing games on Twitch and YouTube to games that actually incorporate live content such as the William Hill live casino. Live casinos feature live, real-life dealers who talk with the audience as you play roulette, blackjack, and poker, making it a much more interactive and engaging experience than just watching Netflix shows. People even use livestreams to showcase their days, inviting you into their homes as they eat, walk down the street and run errands. There are even more streams and channels than Netflix!


Ask Social Media for Recommendations

Still stuck for something to watch or do? Ask social media! There are more than 38.68 million social media users in the UK alone, with many of them being fellow content streamers just like you. Your friends and family on Facebook and the people you interact with on Twitter likely have the same interests and taste in media as you do, making them a fantastic source for recommendations. Maybe they’ve found a hidden, foreign-language film that you’ve never heard of or an incredible drama that they saw on the 20th page of a Google search. Their suggestions may surprise you.

With these tips, there’s no way you’ll be bored. And if you exhaust even these streaming options, maybe Netflix will have restocked its content library in that time!

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