Movies Influencing Other Industries

Which Industries are Most Influenced by Movies?

We live in an era where celebrities and entertainment influence our day-to-day lives in many ways. For better or for worse, people look to celebrities for their fashion choices, entertainment choices, and even for guidance. Perhaps the world of movies has the greatest influence and can even help to shape industries.

Simply put, Hollywood not only defines trends, it often creates them. Over the years, movies have influenced many industries. In this article, you can read about the industries that have been most influenced by Hollywood.

Online Gambling

Few industries have been as guided by the movies as online gambling. Of course, let’s be clear, online casinos and lotteries are massively popular either way. People love paying casino games online and they love being able to use the promo code for the MI lottery. There is no doubt online casinos would be popular with or without movies. However, there is no doubt that Hollywood and casinos seem to go together. In fact, the movie industry has also taken its fair share of inspiration.

Many films have plundered the riches of the casino world, using land-based casinos as a location. However, it’s been a two-way street and online casinos have also drawn inspiration from movies and popular culture in general.

Online casinos often market the glamor and sophistication of casino gambling, projecting an air of class about iGaming. This link between casinos and sophisticated entertainment arguably comes from Hollywood. Movies often depict casinos as places where winners play games in cool settings. You’re probably thinking of James Bond right now!

A quick look at the list of online slots games available these days shows many have been influenced by movies. From the comic book movies of the DCEU or MCU to individual classics like Scarface, Jurassic World, and The Godfather. You don’t have to look far on an online casino to see how important movies are to the industry.

Music Industry

A similar movement has happened in music, where online casinos have embraced the world of rock and pop. Again, this is most evident in the realm of online slot games, which are often themed after famous music artists. Most of the giant rock bands, like AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, The Rolling Stones, and Aerosmith have their own themed online slot games.

However, the influence movies have had on music is clearly defined. In fact, film and music simply go together amazingly well as we have seen by the number of music stars who have transitioned into the world of film. Interestingly, even the most successful musicians often see becoming a movie star as the ultimate goal, such as Lady Gaga.

Comic Book Industry

The relationship between the movie and comic book industries has been one of mutual give and take. There’s no doubt that movies based on comic books have come to define the modern era of cinema, at least in how people consume film at multiplexes. Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is the biggest move series ever and has captured the imagination of millions of children.

That said, the success of the movies has also seen the influence flow the other way. Comic book creators are often taking inspiration from the movies. Kids associate characters with the movies, not the books, so it makes sense for comic publishers to seek to take influence from the films.