Whistler 2018: Canadian Indie Icon Bruce McDonald Talks Directing

I had the pleasure and privilege to interview the legendary Canadian indie director Bruce McDonald at last December’s Whistler International Film Festival.

McDonald’s career spans from gritty voyages like Road Kill and Hardcore Logo, thrillers like Pontypool and Hellions and music hybrid-docs like
This Movie Is Broken.

His foray into big budget filmmaking, Picture Claire, was a famous flop, resulting in the director going off and making a kind of meta-film commenting on his own failures to live up to his vision. Screened only at private events over the last several decades, the 2002 doc got its official first public screening this year in the mountains of B.C.

We took a gondola up that morning and chatted in front of a room of filmmakers, many following McDonald’s tracks in the landscape of Canadian cinema.

So sit back, grab a drink, and enjoy as Bruce regales with tales of his own cinematic roadtrip.