Mad Men

Who Is Don Draper? Episode 1 – Some Gets In Your Eyes presents:
Who Is...?
- The best TV shows always leaving us wanting more, so why not give it to you? Each season hosts Cathryn Naiker & Kris Myers dive into a new classic TV series and answer any lingering questions the show might have left us.

In season one of the “Who Is…?” podcast, we explore the groundbreaking series Mad Men.


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  • We dive into the beginning of this series and share our first impressions.
  • Lay down the foundations of lies and deceit.
  • Catacombs digging into the subtext and themes of the episode.
  • Our anti-hero’s journey, where we’re at with each character’s journey.
  • To The Runway Analyzing fashion, colour & symbols.
  • How they change and what does it mean for the characters and the show?
  • Our favourite quote. “Are we there yet?”
  • Are we closer to knowing who is Don Draper?
  • And finally our Happy Hour: Favourite cocktail or small moment of the episode.




Kris' Twitter: @kris__myers | Cathryn's Twitter: @itsme_cathryn

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