Who Will Wield Green Lantern’s Ring?

Green Lantern as drawn by Alex Ross

Hal Jordan, arguably the most well known wielder of the Green Lantern power ring is finally coming to the big screen.  But who will play the iron-willed test pilot?

Ryan Gosling and Emile Hirsch were both approached for the part of Hal Jordan, but have reportedly both turned down the offer.  Anton Yelchin who will be appearing in this summer’s Terminator Salvation and Star Trek , was also allegedly approached but has since denied any knowledge of the project.  Warner Bros. and DC have fast tracked the production of Green Lantern for a 2010 release.  Filming is planned to start this Spring with Martin Campbell(Casino Royale , Mask of Zorro) at the helm.

There is some concern among Green Lantern fans that casting a younger actor in the role of Jordan is the wrong direction.  I tend to agree with the fans on this, Ryan Gosling seems to be about the right age, but Hirsch and Yelchin seem way too young for the part.  There has also been some talk that David Boreanaz of Buffy/Angel fame should be considered for the role.  Boreanaz seems to have a leg up on the competition, in that he’s already played Green Lantern in the animated Justice League: New Frontier .  I have nothing against Boreanaz; I just think this may be yet another case of Joss Whedon fan-boys lobbying for Whedon alum actors to be given another shot.  See: Eliza Dushku‘s career.

Donald De Line, producer of the upcoming Green Lantern film sat down with Comingsoon.net and addressed some of the recent rumours surrounding the production, including the allegations that producers were planning to cast a younger actor in the role of Hal Jordan.


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