Ted 3

Will We Ever Get a Ted 3?

Seth MacFarlane’s comedy might not be to all tastes, but the crude and rude teddy bear ‘Ted’ proved to be a huge hit with cinema goers. The tale of a teddy bear coming to life is usually a premise for a good Christmas movie, but MacFarlane’s flick was never going to be family friendly. Using the same humor as his animated shows Family Guy and American Dad, MacFarlane wanted to break into Hollywood.

It proved to be a wise decision, with Ted becoming a huge commercial success. Box Office Mojo reported that it grossed $218.8 million in North America and $330.6 million overseas against a budget of $50 million. That prompted Universal Pictures to commit to a sequel, this time seeing the animated bear battling for his human rights. It was another success, although not quite to the same levels as the first film.

In a previous post, we rated Ted 2 as a great watch, despite some of the lowest common denominator laughs available on Blu-ray. MacFarlane’s creations are an acquired taste and it seems that the success of a difficult sequel is proof of that.

That was the last we saw of John Bennett, played by Mark Wahlberg, and his teddy bear. Four years since the release of the second film it remains as popular as ever and has influenced games and digital media. Foxy Games has several games based on the Ted franchise, including Ted: Big Jackpot and Ted Pub Fruit Series. These games prove that the future has left an enduring legacy and that it has been able to transcend industries. In addition to games, the film also created an opportunity for merchandise, with Ted bears performing well in the shops ever since the first release.

With two successful films already behind them, it seems logical that a Ted 3 might be expected. Fans would certainly welcome the move and, in a recent interview with Movieweb, MacFarlane suggested he would be open to doing a third film.

“I would absolutely be open to it. I had a ball doing those movies. I mean the Ted movies were a blast. Wahlberg was a blast. I had great fun doing that. I don’t know… It’s hard with a sequel past a certain number of years.”

The difficulty MacFarlane suggests could actually be to the film’s advantage. Because it’s been so long since the last release, the jokes might not quite feel as tired as they would with a quicker release. Plus, with such observational comedy playing a huge role in Family Guy, MacFarlane might be able to work with fresh material and pop culture which has emerged in the time since.

Making a Ted film could be a risk, but 20th Century Fox surely lamented not taking that risk when they passed up the chance to make the first movie. Given the significant sums both films took at the box office, there’s surely a gamble worth taking here, offering cinema goers something other than superhero movies or big-budget blockbusters.

Whilst it’s not on the cards right now, MacFarlane’s willingness to shoot the third movie might be the catalyst to us finally seeing John Bennett deal with whatever issues cause him to be so attached to his teddy bear.