Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 4

Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

“She Ain’t Right” is an apt title for the fourth episode of this shorter ten-episode season of Wynonna Earp. From day one we’ve seen how Waverly’s bleeding black eyes have spurred tension, suspense, and some pretty sick dance numbers. Although it’s not just Waverly is who just ain’t the same as she useta be. But this is Purgatory after all.

Hands Off

Does anything good ever happen to someone who has chained his or her own hand to a briefcase? Because this episode proves there’s gonna be some unnamed agent an a stacked woman named Kujo who is gonna relieve you of your appendage lickity split.

The contents of said case of brief remain a mystery for most of the episode, but as far as Lucado is concerned, its insides are of the upmost importance. After going on a weird vacation last week, Lucado is back and is seriously not doing a great job being anyone’s boss. I mean, really: Wynonna is busy trying to uncover the secret meaning of the broken seal, Doc is busy trying to cook up Dolls’ special medicine and wading through the sexual tension with Rosita, and Jeremy’s just kind of hanging out and I bet some good money that he’s got his own YouTube science channel.


“Close your mouth Jeremy.” — Wynonna “Mean Girl” Earp

The only person interested in participating in Lucado’s latest Black Badge recon mission is Waverly who’s got a Lady Edith vibe and is practically stomping her feet Jan Brady style, “Wynonna! Wynonna! Wynonna!” But she’s the best Lucado can do and she’s breaking into club apparently named “Ba Da Bing.”

Faces Off

Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 4

Before Waverly gets all dolled up and does a very swanky number for the villain of the week, Dolls is finally back. Black Eyed Waverly’s been keeping him hostage in the barn and when Wynonna finally finds him he’s almost fully feral.


“I don’t want you to see me like this.” — Agent “A Lil Too Late There” Dolls

Wynonna’s able to knock him out and get him chained up the basement at Doc’s new bar, which is totally foreplay for her. Hopefully we do finally get to see Dolls and Wynonna get together, as methinks his demon possession is a turn on for her, but I’m sure the show runners are having a heck of a time playing with our emotions.

Speaking of feels, emo creeper Tucker notices his sister Mercedes is acting a bit strange, which is kind of a big deal ‘cause he’s weird AF. Tucker goes to visit Nicole Haught, who just happens to be looking through his past reports of breaking and entering. He tries to break the tension created from the latest incident where he went crotcherazzi on a group of teenaged girls. Tucker warns Haught about Waverly, given that she straight up almost strangled him to death last week. Haught plays it cool, but her and now Wynonna know there’s something a little askew about Waves.

Waverly is not the only weird woman in his life, with his “sisters” revealing to him that they actually ripped off the faces of his real kin and are actually those creepy faceless ghost sisters from the old school. They make a promise to him that they can give him anything he desires, “A girl.” So much for being good Tucker.


Eyes Wide Open

Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 4

Waverly’s black eyes, Kujo’s white glowing peepers, and Dolls’ red glowing pupils are a key to important plot points this episode.

Despite her weirdness, Waverly’s on the job and promptly mucking up the whole affair after the agent and Killer Kujo are on to the fact that she is just standing in the hallway out side the only exit they have. Wynonna comes to save her sister, and Lucado reveals she is totally in over her head with no back up to be found. Waverly punches her in the face and goes to get her sis.

The two end up tied up by the two and are hard-pressed to reveal the combination to the case. They initials “E.E” are in fact the name of their great-great-uncle Edwin Earp, but they don’t have the numbers to open it. The agent gets real mad and goes all demon Edward Scissor hands and slices off Waverly’s left hook at the wrist.


For the second time this season, Doc shows up just in time to save the Earp girls and is all like, “WYNONNA WHATCHU SMOKING?” after Waverly’s hand is just fine. But we know better.

Easy Peasy

Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 4

Jeremy help to figure out the correct ingredients for Dolls’ serum, but Doc directs he and Rosita to not give him any before he gets back from saving the day. Rosita uses her push up bra to get Jeremy to run out for a latte for her, but I wonder what her real motivations here are? Why does she go over to Dolls with the serum, what is it that she wants from him? We’ll have to find out later, ‘cause Dolls go ham and grabs the syringe out of her hand and injects on site.

“You look really swell without your hat.” — Agent “Sass Mouth” Dolls


Doc and the Earp girls get back to the bar to find Rosita trying to contain the beast. But that’s not before the creepy bone saw hand agent barges in and proclaims that something worse than he is coming. Wynonna thinks of her feet and opens the door to unleash Dolls who breaths fire and BBQs the baddie to death.

That kinda worked out huh? AND Doc got a new hat!

Easiness leaves us viewers feeling uneasy, where it’s revealed at the end of the episode that the dark force trying to take over Waverly is having a tough go because of Wave’s ability to fight back. But who might be easier and more vulnerable? Someone who is lost and unable to really connect with her feelings?

That’s right — Wynonna is infected with the dark goo through an incestuous kiss and the dark force comments on the ease it finds in its new home.

Out On Ghost River

Something Boring — The briefcase contains a plate. Boring and innocuous right? I don’t buy it, that plate is probably more powerful than anyone else could anticipate.

 Something Wicked — So we now know that there’s something terrible on its way to Purgatory by the way of a full swarm of demons, but what started all this? My guess is that the explosion from the end of episode one back at Black Badge spurred something. Whatever was able to escape after Doc’s discarded dynamite released them from their cage.

Mommy Issues — What happened to Jeremy’s mom? He mentions this is why he wants to help Dolls, but there’s so much more to know about the dweby scientist.

Daddy Issues — Who is this weird man with the nice car who keeps intervening in the way of the Earps? He’s the one who helped Dolls get back to the Homestead and is the one who convinced Doc to return to help the Earps last season — but who is this mysterious meddler?