Wynonna Earp S2E6

Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

“Whiskey Lullaby” will do anything but put you to sleep. With the literal thickening of a growing Wynonna, a figurative pregnant plot line where the faceless Victorian cannibal ghosts get closer to their ultimate goal, and some distortion of time that heightens the stakes — episode six has the viewer, much like Doc, all in.


Black Badge straight up ghosts the Ghost River team, seemingly leaving their blood pact null and void. With a headless Lucado and now an administration also with no clear head, Dolls and Doc are determined to stick with the killing of demons and ghosts plan. Especially since it looks like it was Doc’s stray stick of dynamite that released with ice-cold witches currently leasing the faces of Mercedes and her sister. Seems fair Doc et all would at least have to clean up this mess; however, it does seem a little too clean cut the apparently non-governmental Black Badge would just disappear out of thin air. Hopefully, this isn’t just laziness on the part of the show runners to rationalize having Dolls return to the fold without being shot on sight, and the hemoglobin-based oath does have future repercussions.

 “My boss was killed.” — Sister “In Shock” Nun


 “God really is dead.” — Wynonna “Wise Ass” Earp

One of the wicked sisters tucks into a meal of a priest and does even say grace first! The grisly scene is discovered by a Sister of God who relays how the phantoms gave her the literal chills. Being a nun who is married to God, perhaps she will have to have a real sit down chat to discuss how exactly he would let a fellow member of the clergy be literally devoured by an evil spirit in the house of worship, but that’ll probably just be in the spin off series, All or Nun.

Like the Sister, it looks like the two Victorian flesh eaters have some kind of spiritual/cosmic husband as well; the Mercedes faced grabs a ring to perform an incantation while her sister says something about being out of their husbands favour. I think this husband is going to be, like we used to say back when playing N64, “The Big Boss.”

We Need To Talk


Wynonna Earp S2E6

Wynonna’s got a bun in the oven, but still hasn’t totally baked up a plan of what to do. She talks about it with Waverly, and the possibility of abortion comes up. Her body her business people! However, these kids of things do have a point of no return and since Wynonna’s been hiding her belly underneath all those sweaters and coats (NOW it makes sense!) it’s a little tricky to figure out if that’s a viable option.

To makes things even more complicated, Dolls is totally all about kissin’ and huggin’ Wynonna all the time and he loves her and oh my god they would be such a great couple, right? This is how I imagine he thinks behind that stone cold exterior.

Before he can confess any sort of emotions, a strange spell is cast upon the whole town and Wynonna wakes to find she’s been asleep for weeks. And you know what they say, “You snooze you loose your ability to decide to terminate a pregnancy beyond a certain point.” Funnily enough, this is the least of her worries ATM.

“I’m older than the state of Colorado, everyone is too old for me.” — Doc “Most Eligible Bachelor” Holliday


Once they get the crew woke, and we find out Doc is not only having sex with Rosita, but he’s also willing to give some head, they put their heads together to figure out how in the fuck someone stopped time. This, we know, was the work of the sister who extorts a demon clock maker who had the ability to put the entire town into a slumber. Fucking creeper Tucker holds the man’s daughter Poppy hostage, and luckily if not illegally, Haught’s been tracking his cell phone so they are able to find him and set the poor girl free. Also he gets shot and jumps out a window — is he dead? Prolly not.

Secret’s Out

Wynonna Earp S2E6


Jeremy gets more screen time this episode, with his discovery that Shorty’s is actually the site for the second (of three!) seals on consecrated ground, however, when he might be the hero of the day he knocks over an energy drink can and gets sent back to the floor.

But he’s no fool, when Waverly tells him that Wynonna is pregnant there is no pause of comprehension in his response.


“Oh was that a secret?” — Jeremy “Recently Technically Unemployed” Chetri

Yes, Jeremy it was, but not one particularly shattering to him. The two men in question who would be concerned with Wynonna’s womb tenants would be first, Doc, who impregnated her, and second Dolls who wants to be with her. The two men have similarly perplexed expressions when they see Wyonna’s swollen belly: Dolls with more concern and then he finally kisses her, and Doc with a more stoic and cold expression. Although Doc does send her a note relaying he would be “all in” but this is her life, not a poker game. What does that even mean??

Another message from a man requires some deciphering when the faceless sisters receive a package of a shrunken head and a proposal to play a game—the hunters become the hunted it seems.

Out On Ghost River 


Super Haught — Is everyone else loving Nicole’s new uniform??

Thems The Rules — Like the evil clock master says before she has to put him down, Wynonna’s child did not follow the rules of suspended animation that the rest of the town adhered to. There will be, for all involved, no loss of time, except for Wynonna and her unborn child. Like its mother, this fetus does not follow the rules.

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