Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 9

Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

“Forever Mine Nevermind” at it’s very core is all about love. From the most simple bond between mother and baby, to the more fraught infatuation between a frost bitten psychopath and a half-Revenant Earp heiress, or even the polyamorous devotion of two venomous Victorian ghosts to their demonic husband — really at the end of the day we can all relate to their base emotions.

What A Doll(s)

Rosita finally finds the right recipe for the anti-lizard transformation for Dolls. As a thank you, he gifts her a spa day for two, which she can presumably use with Doc. Although, this relationship has yet to be fully defined by either party given that Doc’s described it as a more casual affair and Rosita has been putting in the leg work to get to know Wynonna better and even attempted to throw her a baby shower. Now there’s a special dinner between Doc and Wynonna and even though she’s acting pretty chill about it all, one cannot help but see how much it stung Rosita when Doc walked out the door without really giving her a meaningful adieu.

For some reason even though Doc works at and owns his very own bar, he is compelled to walk into an antique store that also sells whiskey for a glass. Perhaps it’s the ol’timey feel of the place. There is one artifact that attracts his attentions though, a creepy ass painting of a little girl and her doll. The sales attendant behind the counter attempts to trade the piece of “art” for Doc’s ring. Althoughhe’d never trade his key to immortality, Doc is transfixed by the rendering and orders it wrapped up.


The antique dealer grins with a nefarious twinkle in his eye, and then we pan to the body lying by his side with an ancient letter opener jammed in his eye socket who is obviously the shop’s real keeper. The imposter glares out to watch Doc exit the store, waiting until he is out of sight for his devil’s tail to curl up from behind the desk — but what is his tale?

Ghost River Love Triangle(s)

Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 9

It’s not just Rosita and Doc who are on the rocks, but Waverly is still super pissed at Nicole for opening her DNA test results. I think this is totally legit, Nicole shouldn’t have gone all Jack Nicolson, “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH” on Waverly. She’s a big girl.

Haught’s only got so much time to apologize to her gf with the discovery of a body to attend to. I first thought it was the body of the poor antique merchant, but it’s actually revealed to be the charred remains of one tyrannical Tucker. Beth (well not really Beth, the ghost wearing Beth’s face) comes to claim the body and also comes to throw some more tension between Waverly and Nicole.


Waverly’s had enough and heads to the bar where she attempts to drown her sorrows. Rosita has a better idea featuring a lot more liquid by taking Waves with her to the spa. Waverly is uncomfortable from the moment she gets into the hot tub, right up until the moment she and Rosita smooch.

Speaking of special bonds, I’m super loving the bromance between Jeremy and Dolls. They discover a freaky fingernail when looking the basement for Rosita’s scientific notations, and make the connection between Beth and the Victorian apparitions. It’s not long before Dolls finds the faceless Gardner sisters in the basement and it’s time for a face-off between the apparition and Dolls. He almost gets vaped in the face, but Jeremy saves the day by using his new anti-venom face condom. But he takes it off too soon and ends up being paralyzed and she gets away.

“Next time stay in the car” — Xavier “ A teeny but ungrateful” Dolls

Winner Winner Creepy Dinner(s)


Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 9

Wynonna makes a gross dinner for Doc under the pretense of talking about their baby. The child she claims is his, but who the fuck knows anymore. He presents the painting and it has already changed form. This ain’t no normal art. As the dinner progresses, so does the creepy shit happening in the background with cupboard doors moving as though on their own.

The two don’t have time to notice the freakery, as they squabble over Doc’s ring. Wynonna makes the request Doc gives up his agelessness to break the curse, and Doc’s like NAWWWWWWW BETCH. As they continue to argue about what this means for their family they slowly begin to realize they are being watched.

“It looked more pleasing in the shop.” — Doc “Bad At Gifts” Holliday

Doc and Wynonna are not the only ones under the glare of evil. Tucker is in fact very much alive, although very much worse for wear with the effects of frostbite. He is there to take Waverly away with him, but first he does away with Rosita, strangling her to death.


Waverly knows she has to play her cards right, and asks for one phone call to tell her sister she is off on a trip. The call goes to voicemail because the creepy doll from the painting, now the size of an eight-year-old, holds the phone out of reach.

It looks like Tucker has his prize, but Rosita has risen from the dead! Or wait no –she is a REVANENT! We knew she had a secret and Doc’s literal hand writing “Protection” on her palm a few episodes back all makes sense now.

Indecent Proposal(s)

“Sorry we already have a Dolls.” — Wynonna “Always With the One Liners” Earp


Doc and Wynonna finally get wise to their third dinner guest and Peacemaker sends the creeper back to hell in a somewhat anti-climactic fashion. Although Doc’s temper experiences a dénouement as he realizes his selfishness was stoked by the dolls presence. He gifts Wynonna the ring, down on one knee, and they vow to break the curse at one another’s side.

The two Victorian sisters have taken their own sides, no longer working together. Beth finally eats Tucker and perhaps after being shot, left in the forest, and hit on the head, maybe this time he’s actually dead.

Mercedes incants her dead(ish) hubby to use her magical rings to find the seal. Now we’ll have to wait until next week to see what the fuck is going to happen!   

Out On Ghost River

Body Count  –  Man the undertaker in Purgatory must make a fucking KILLING. There’s a new dead body almost every week in this town.

Oh, the Humanity! – We are slowly running out of folks who are completely human in this plot. Given that Waverly is half Revenant, Dolls is a lizard, Rosita’s full blown Rev, and Wynonna is technically an enchanted/cursed monster killer, we only really got Haught and Jeremy as our norm core.