Wynonna Earp Season Two Finale Recap

The Earp curse has always rested with the paternal lineage. Wyatt Earp’s name has been passed down throughout the generations with male heirs propagating the demon killing children. However, the Wynonna Earp season two finale shifts the focus from the role of the father to the maternal powers that be. “I Hope You Dance” concludes a solid, emotional, and riveting sophomore season of the one and only Lady centric Western Supernatural gun-slinging, pun-making, heart-wrenching series

Back From The Grave

 “Everyone STOPS dying.” — Wynonna “WTF Just Happened” Earp

We start the episode right where we left off with the “shit strumpet” Widows being lead by Bobo to Clootie’s grave. With the third seal broken Wynonna’s bullets have no effect on the trio and the recently blown to smithereens Waverly takes a stand with her sister to stop them; however, Bobo’s powers knock them into the grass and they lose the sisters once again. But like Chumbawamba, the Earp sisters get knocked down but they get up again and even though Wynonna’s baby is just about to come out of her vagina, they get in gear to stop the demonic forces that be.


The Iron Witch induced alternative reality wherein pretty much everyone died seems to have the most effect on Doc who contemplatively stands at the edge of the cursed well. Dolls retrieves him with the news Wynonna is back, but we can see something in Doc has changed. Stripped of his agelessness his grasp on mortality comes crashing down on him. He’ll have to wait for his full blown existential crisis though, considering his baby is about to be delivered and could possibly be eaten by an ancient polygamous monster.


“I feel it in my groin.” — Jeremy “Definitely Has A Framed Photo Of Doc Next To Where He Sleeps” Chetri

Bobo leads the sister-wives to their husband’s resting place, only to find some wife strife when Mercedes decides to take a note from Wynonna’s book and get her Singles Ladies act together and buries Beth and Bobo in the mine shaft. Mercedes is got a new look that something akin to if Legolas and a Merperson had a baby.

A Full Plate


“Time to meet destiny.”— Mercedes “New Me” Widow
“Better not be a name for your beav ‘cause I’m not in the mood.” — Wynonna “Killin’ It” Earp

Speaking of babies, Wynonna’s child is wanted for more than just lunch. The Order and the fucking exhaustingly vague Ewan meet Dolls to inform they’ve knocked off the good Dr. because they are SO FUCKING ANNOYING LIKE THAT.

Dolls is pretty much just running around the entire episode being like, “shit. Shit. SHIT.”

The Iron Witch makes a bullet out of the magical plate and all Wynonna has to do is give Clootie one to the head. Her plan gets a little messed up when Mercedes and Beth threaten to kill everyone she loves. The slightly deranged Doc raises the stakes even more when he decides that killing Wynonna is better than seeing her baby gone to the darkness. The Widows guffaw at what they see as an obvious bluff, but the gun slingers extraordinaire shoot directly at one another and the special bullet is split into two — one side for each widow.


What’s In A Name

Waverly’s been fretting about her familial connections with the DNA test proving she’s not technically related to Wynonna. However, her family lineage is TBD considering Bobo might be her dad. Although his “angel” has been important to him in the past, there’s no real evidence she’s his daughter.

The daughter of Wynonna is the town’s VIP with Clootie — or rather Balshar — out for its blood, The Order, and now the crowd of Revenants coming for the infant. Rosita, sick of being told by Wynonna how she is going to die, tries to highjack her during labour and Waverly almost sends her back to hell with Peacemaker reluctantly working at Wynonna’s verbal commands.

Rosita escapes, but will that be the last of her?


Wynonna’s baby is born and there’s a sorrowful goodbye as Waverly takes the child to a safer place. There was never going to be a happily ever after for her and her baby, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Haught drives Waverly and the baby out to the city limits for the ultimate litmus test to determine if either had Revanent parentage.

With a great sigh of relief we learn the child is Doc’s and Waverly is not a demon. There’s little time to celebrate with  a helicopter on the horizon ready. Could it be Black Badge back for revenge? Nope, it’s all around good guy and my personal imaginary boyfriend Perry ready with a real life wet nurse to take the child to safety. Doc says a fond farewell to his beauty wrapped in blue.

“I’m gonna break this fucking curse Doc, so she’ll never have to.” — Wynonna “Motherfuckin’” Earp

Wynonna and Doc debrief after he sticks Bobo down a well. There’s more than just white-haired demons to be buried though, with the two having to swallow their grief. Alice Michelle is the name of the child—named for both of their mothers.



Mama Dearest

We end with the new mother leaving purgatory as her crew sits back for a coffee break and Haught cracks open the case file of one Balshar cult. A voice over paints a picture of the soothe saying devil and the hard as nails angel. But then there is this man, one that only a singular person can unlock the secrets for—it’s Wynonna’s mother.

Out On Ghost River

Mysterious Jeremy — Dork Shelf had a chance to sit down with Varun Saranga who plays Jeremy in the series and we know that he will be part of the third season, and I will say to date he is the most mysterious character. What is with this secret past he shares with Dolls? What exactly happened in that car accident he talks about. 

Labour of Love — There’s something absolutely kick ass about Wynonna giving birth on a pool table and then getting her shit together to slaughter the evil Revanents who come for her kin. She does it alone and she does it well.

Cult Classic — Who doesn’t love a good cult story? This newly named Balshar gives fertile ground to investigate