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Wynonna Earp: Varun Saranga on Jeremy, What to Expect in Season 3, Shooting in Calgary, and Co-star Video Game Battles

Wynonna Earp star Varun Saranga recently talked to Dork Shelf about playing PlayStation with co-star Tim Rozon, his love of dick jokes, filming in Calgary in the winter, and the joy of working with the Wynonna Earp cast.

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All us Earpers were given a real treat this season with a couple new additions to the cast for Wynonna Earp’s sophomore season. One such addition is Varun Saranga, who plays the nerdy, sweet, and comedic Jeremy. A Black Badge blood oath little brother type with a penchant for dad jokes and a cute crush on Doc Holliday.

Saranga recently returned from his first Comic Con in San Diego with the Wynonna crew. “It was crazy. It’s a lot. It’s great. I had so much fun… It’s like being in a dreamland honestly and then you get to meet the fans. I kind of did it in Chicago, but in San Diego I got to sign all the stuff and got to meet everyone and me and Tim [Rozon] crashed an Earper meet up.”


His enthusiasm for the supernatural genre hasn’t always been in his bones, but working on this particular show gave him a new perspective. “I really appreciate it now because I never knew how much work and kinda how much love goes into it ‘cause these shows with these fandoms, there’s a lot. It’s speaking to a particular audience that just seems to really resonate with it and I didn’t really know about any of that stuff. As much as I love shows there’s no part of me that’s going to go and be a super fan of any kind of show in particular.”

Varun Saranga - Wynonna Earp

“I learned to really love genre, and really love this show a lot.”

Varun might be the newest cast member, but the special bond between the crew at Wynonna is something he finds really special, “You rarely get a cast that is that tight, and just that kind to one another.”

Wynonna Earp has two more episodes left to air this season, and even though we would have loved to squeeze more spoilers out of Varun, he’s excited for all of us to watch. “I’m very excited to have people watch the final three episodes because it gets INSANE and it kind of, it gets to show different sides of Jeremy.”