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4 Ways To Market Your Movie On A Small Budget

Thanks to the wonders of new technology, it is easier than ever for filmmakers to create fantastic small budget movies that they would never have been able to make before. It is exciting both for the filmmakers themselves and for the viewers who are getting to explore new genres and ideas through the medium of film. However, although making the movies is becoming easier in terms of equipment and software, marketing them is another matter. To get noticed, you need to keep pushing your movie and ensure that as many people see it as possible. The good news is that although this is hard work, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Make A Website

No matter what you are doing, a website is going to be important, and for filmmakers it is essential. This is where you can put videos up of your movie, talk about how you made it, even advertise for sponsors or investors. You can use a free online banner creator to make your webpage stand out, and this banner can also be used to advertise on other sites, as well as your social media pages. You could even have a blog that keeps people coming back for more information so that they are completely ready for when the film is complete. The further in advance you start your website and blog, the more excited people will be for your movie to be finished so that they can watch it.

Social Media


Another cost-effective way to advertise your movie is to use social media. In most cases, this is actually free, and if you can create a real buzz around your movie with exciting posts that are shared and liked, you won’t have to pay to promote those posts. Even if you do need to boost them further, the cost is very little compared to other forms of advertising. Remember that the key to social media is to be social! If someone comments on your post or asks a question, then it is a good idea to engage with them as this will also help with awareness of your film.

Create A Press Release

By making a press release, you can let a vast number of online and offline publications know about your movie. Ideally, they will print the information or post it up on their blog, and in many cases, this can be done free of charge if the subject matter is of interest. A press release needs to have as much information as possible in it, but it shouldn’t be too long. Writing a press release that works takes time and practice, and it is possible to outsource this to an experienced freelancer, but if you are confident to do it yourself, then you can save money in doing so.

Make A Trailer


When you go to the movies and watch the trailers before the main feature, you are likely to think that you would want to watch a lot of those films. The same could be true of your movie if you can create an enticing trailer for it. Once the trailer is complete, you can post it to YouTube and share it on your social media. This will certainly gather interest for the film itself.

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