And We’re Back…

The server move is complete! If everything worked—and I’m assuming it did because you’re reading this—the site should look identical; it’s an evil clone of our old self, complete with goatee and sash. Humble apologies for the extended downtime, but sadly, transferring a domain name is not something that can be accomplished over night. Our sincere gratitude  to those who helped furnish the change of scenery.

As it turns out, this was quite a week for us to be down for the count. We’ll do our best get you up to speed with any dorky news and happenings that may have happened over the last few days.

In addition to playing a little catch up, we have many features, reviews and articles ready to go up on the site soon. We’ll also be posting the first episode in our second season of The Dork Shelf Podcast shortly. Who said the wait wouldn’t be worth it?

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