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Alex Perkins

This guy is of my recent convention finds.  Alex drew an incredible Wolverine for me in one of my sketchbooks, I just had to see what else he could do.  My very first commissioned piece was drawn by Alex; it was  a re-creation of a Civil War cover (issue #3 The Return of Thor), and it was absolutely amazing.  While he has yet to do any professional comic work, this graphic designer by day is certainly someone to watch out for.  Commission a piece from Alex and you will not regret it, the results will be fantastic.  Check out Alex Perkins’ Official Site to see more of his work.

Leinil Francis Yu

Here is the thing about today’s modern books: It is very difficult to get them out on time.  Not to point fingers, but the major culprit behind these delays is usually the artist.  Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk is a famous example of such delays, but in this case it was not the fault of the artist, one Leinil Francis Yu. The delay was not surprisingly caused by the very busy writer, Damon Lindelof.  Once scripts arrived, they came to the desk of easily the one of the fastest artists in the business, and the subsequent Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk issues were released fairly quickly.

Now speedy work doesn’t mean that Yu loses quality.  A perfect example of this was the 2008 summer blockbuster Secret Invasion, which saw him take on the art chores for the uber-title.  Prior to Invasion, you name the writer and Yu probably teamed up with them.  His work has also adapted and changed over the years, however he has really hit his stride in the past few years.  No news yet on any of his upcoming projects, but there is always his cover and variant cover art to tide you over in the mean time.  Check out Leinil Francis Yu’s DeviantArt Page for a sampling of his work.

Jim Lee


Seriously, does this man require an introduction?  Founder of Image Comics.  Founder of Wildstorm.  Lead character designer on the upcoming DC Universe Online role-playing game. The incomparable Jim Lee: the quality of work that emerges from this man’s hands is nothing short of remarkable.  The Absolute Editions of Batman: Hush and Superman: For Tomorrow are the best ways to see some his excellent current work on display.  You can of course rummage through the back issues of X-Men or WildC.A.T.s to see how far Lee’s work has come along.  Check out his Jim Lee’s deviantArt Page, where his personal art is frequently updated.  Also be sure to check out the Gelatometti Blog, where Lee and other incredibly talented artists share their thoughts and incredible talent.

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