Barbara Goslawski

Barbara is co-host/co-producer of Frameline who joined during its CKLN days. As a freelance writer and film critic for the past 30 years, she has contributed to numerous dailies and magazines including The Globe and Mail, The Canadian Film Encyclopedia, Box Office Magazine as well as to several books. A veteran of the Canadian film industry, Barbara has worked in many key areas including distribution and programming, and has also served on various festival juries

Articles by Barbara Goslawski:

  • Reinas
    January 23, 2024

    Sundance 2024: Reinas Review

    In Reinas, Klaudia Reynicke displays the subtlety of a master as she crafts a profound experience using deceptively simple means.

  • January 22, 2024

    Sundance 2024: Desire Lines Review

    Desire Lines is a captivating hybrid documentary, flowing freely through constraints and bursting boundaries both literal and figurative.

  • The Stones & Brian Jones
    November 16, 2023

    The Stones & Brian Jones Review

    Broomfield provides a testament to Brian Jones’ genius, and this is indeed a lament for a young victim of the sex, drugs, and rock and roll era but this new documentary doesn’t really fulfill its promise of revealing surprising information.

  • September 22, 2023

    TIFF 2023: Shayda Review

    Shayda is a bold statement about a woman coming into her own despite her situation. Writer/director Noora Niasari creates a film of unnerving anxiety and rising pressure. One becomes immersed in the validity of this character’s existence.

  • September 21, 2023

    TIFF 2023: Limbo Review

    The film is a slow burn but when it ramps up the reveals are remarkable: a maze of complicated emotions which this filmmaker conceals within a simple premise and a stark visual style.

  • September 12, 2023

    TIFF 2023: Fallen Leaves Review

    Aki Kaurismäki’s Fallen Leaves is a wickedly offbeat and deliciously charming love story. With its unsentimental packaging and martini-dry wit, this tragicomedy becomes unexpectedly affecting.

  • September 8, 2023

    TIFF 2023: Perfect Days Review

    Perfect Days proves to be a dramatic slice of life, as carefully handled as any observational documentary but as poetic as any great arthouse film.