Brody and Grace to take on Predators?

Arnold takes on the Predator

Arnold “The Governator” Schwarzenegger. Bill “Henchman” Duke. Gary “Actually Crazy” Busey. Carl “Apollo Creed” Weathers. Jessie “The Body” Ventura. Danny “I’m gettin’ too old for this shit” Glover. What do these titans of the 80’s and 90’s action film have in common? All have gone toe-to-toe with the intergalactic hunter known as the Predator.

Despite rippling biceps, superior numbers, and obscene amounts of firepower the Predator bested most, if not all of these action heroes. However, one thing the Predator didn’t count on was having to face two of Earth’s fiercest warriors: Eric from That 70’s Show and a former pianist turned Wes Anderson character!

Variety is reporting that Adrien Brody has signed on to star as a mercenary in Nimród Antal-directed, Robert Rodriguez-produced Predator sequel/reboot. Brody joins a multinational cast that already includes Alice Braga and Danny Trejo. Topher Grace is also in talks for a role in the film. Predators is set to start filming in Hawaii next week.

I’m still stinging from the Alien vs Predator films; the abysmal PG-13 crapfests from Paul W.S. Anderson that managed to sully not one, but two great sci-fi franchises.  Even though Predators is being made by Fox, I still have high hopes for it. Nimród Antal’s first film Kontroll is a favourite of mine; with Rodriguez producer chair I believe he can give us the hard R Predator movie we all want to see. Also, if the script review from Latino Review is accurate we may have a small cameo from Arnold, reprising the role of Dutch from the original film.