CINSSU Presents WTF Films:
9 Deaths Of The Ninja

To start off our WTF Film Series, Shane will be showing one of his favorite random discoveries on a 8 Movie DVD collection he found for 2.99. With a 2.1 IMDB rating, 9 Deaths of The Ninja is going to ROCK.YOUR.WORLD!

This film “stars” Sho Kosugi [Ninja Assassin] as (and I’m freaking serious) Spike Shinobi the world’s lamest ninja secret-agent who will slice watermelon, spin midgets and strip women underwater in order to get at the gay-crippled-Nazi-terrorist-who-love-a-Muslim-terrorist-who-laughs-evilly-every-time-he’s-on-screen. Did I mention he also has a pet monkey?Be prepared to laugh, cry, scream and groan at this film’s awful awesomeness and remember to KEEP ON DANCIN! FOR BONUS POINTS, BRING LOLLIPOPS, YOU’LL FIND OUT WHY! Did I also mention that the title of this film has almost nothing to do with the plot?

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