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Dethlok #3
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Dethklok #3 reads just like an episode of the wildly dark and humorous TV show Metalocalypse, from which it is spawned. The comic takes its name from the heavy metal band that the animated show revolves around. This isn’t classic, ground-breaking, soul-searching writing, but not every comic needs to be an epic examination of the worlds of our imagination. Dethklok is just pure awesomeness. Over-the-top wackiness with very edgy humor, this comic makes fun of everyone – from superstar musicians and their fans, to agents and satanic forces, with the economy and copyright laws thrown in for good measure. Nothing is sacred to writers Brendon Small and Jon Schnepp.

The art by Lucas Marangon is drawn in the same style as the TV show’s animation, and this dedication to the source material is reflected in every aspect of the comic. So, if you aren’t a fan of this bizarre and hilarious show about the world’s greatest heavy metal band, then this comic is likely not for you! Unashamedly vulgar, sometimes nonsensical, and completely twisted, Dethklok is black humor at its best.

The plot revolves around Dethklok’s world tour atop a death-trap train whose construction has both ended the current global economic depression and subsequently caused another. There is a story regarding an old musician’s attempts to reclaim his Devil-possessed soul, and this leads into a wonderful (and wonderfully bizarre) rant about copyright and creative control. Both the comic and the animated show have this great knack for weaving intelligent socio-political commentary amongst its crazed plot lines and grotesque humor. Definitely worth picking up for fans of Metalocalypse.

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